Now Order Food Online using Facebook

Now Order Food Online using Facebook: Facebook one of the world’s largest Social Networking site which is always coming up with innovative ideas to keep the number one position. Facebook has already implemented many innovative things to help their users. Initially, Facebook was made with an intention to create a communication platform between the users, but today Facebook involved in each and everything for their users. Facebook helps to grow your businesses also helps their users. In a perspective to help their users, Facebook now allows you to Order Food Online using Facebook. You can order food online using Mobile App or website.

Using Machine Learning, Facebook implemented an Algorithm which helps users to choose best near-by restaurants based on user-reviews and user interest. For example, if you want to have food in New York, Facebook will show you the best nearby restaurants in New York depending on their customers’ feedback.

Brilliant Isn’t it?

But is this feature going to generate additional revenue for Facebook? Honestly, No! Facebook doesn’t want to make any money from Online Food ordering service, and they are not going to charge anything from the business owners. In fact, Facebook doesn’t want to lose their users, hence, facebook much concerned about this feature and they’re trying their best to make this feature usable for all Facebook users.

How to Order Food Online Using Facebook

Follow the below steps to order food online using Facebook app or Facebook website on PC

  • First of all, Find the  “Order Food” option in your facebook application
  • There you can see Explore option. (you need to enable location services to explore nearby restaurants)
  • Depending on the location you are, you’ll get the best nearby restaurants list. Choose any Restaurant
  • You can also look for Menu items in that restaurants. Choose your Favorite Food item, Click on Order
  • Finally, make Payment using your Credit card or Debit card.

It’s very simple to order food online.

In fact, this feature implemented long time ago, and this feature currently available in few countries. This feature yet to be expanded to several other countries.

What do you think about Ordering Food on Facebook? Did you order food online using Facebook in the past? Let us know your views in below comments section.

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