[Official] HTC to launch Dual Rear Camera smartphones in 2018

HTC one of the well-known smartphone brands, used by millions of people all over the world. HTC has a unique way of making smartphones, which impresses customers greatly. In the present smartphone era, customers are desperate about Dual cameras. As we have seen a Dual rear camera in iPhone, Samsung, and other flagship devices. However, HTC yet to launch latest smartphones with Dual cameras (Dual rear cameras to be precise). HTC Flagships HTC One M8, HTC One M9 Plus lack in Dual camera.

Recently HTC launched HTC U11+ and HTC U11 Life, which are next iteration to HTC U11

During the launch, HTC President Chialin Chang announced, they are planning to launch Dual Rear Camera Smartphones from 2018. Currently, the company focusing on making this feature stand out! Apparently, we can expect HTC Dual rear camera smartphones in 2018.

As a matter of fact, HTC was among the first companies to introduce dual rear camera handsets.

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