Nokia 3310 turns smart! Nokia 3310 (2018) comes with 4G Connectivity & YunOS

Nokia 3310 turns Smart! As we all know, Nokia well known for making the best feature phones. Apparently, Nokia launched redesigned Nokia 3310 this year. This featured phone impressed many people greatly. Millions of people all over the world acquired this redesigned featured phone. According to the reports, a total of 13.5 Million featured smartphones shipped by HMD Global in Quarter 3 of 2017.

Nokia 3310 (2018model) comes with 4G & YunOS

To amaze their users, Nokia currently working on to implement 4G connectivity in Nokia 3310. As per the latest information, we have, Nokia 3310 with 4G connectivity and Android-based YunOS spotted on TENAA. Featured phone with smart specifications. Amazing! Isn’t it?

As per the reports, Nokia 3310 with model number Nokia TA-1077 will come with Android-Based YunOS. YunOS is a forked version of Android OS developed by Alibaba group. switching from Symbian OS to YunOS will make this device smarter. Apart from the YunOS, this device supports latest 4G connectivity.

The detailed specifications of this device yet to be unveiled. However, we can expect to see the same features in the next iteration. Nokia 3310 2018 model features, specifications, pricing and release date yet to be confirmed. Meanwhile, Nokia launching several smartphones such as Nokia 6, and few others.

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