Google Play Protect Now Available for Android Devices

Google Play Protect Now Available for Android Devices: Google Play Protect is a new android application developed by Google, in order to alert Android users when a particular app starts misbehaving or unsafe. The concept of Google Play Protect is extremely good and a great initiative by Google to protect the privacy of their users. Android OS is one of the world’s top mobile operating system, millions of people connected to the Android operating system. Privacy of those millions of users is completely depended on Google. Isn’t it?

As per the source of information we have, Google Play Protect now rolling out to several devices through the play store.

How Google Play Protect Works?

Google Play Protect initially scans all installed applications on your device. It will scan each and every small application. After the scan, you can see if there are any malicious apps in your device or your device is perfect. This works similar to an Anti-Virus on a desktop, but the technology used in Google Play Protect is advanced!

Google Play Protect automatically scans all apps, however, if you want to scan manually, you can do that as well.

How to check Google Play Protect on my phone?

To check whether your device received Google Play Protect, you can go to Settings > Google and check here!

In my opinion, this is a great move from Google to protect the privacy of Android Users. Hope users understand the functionality of this application and start using this feature near in future.

What do you think about Google Play Protect? Let us know your opinions in below comments.

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