5 Best To Do List Apps for Android

Everyone has something to do in their daily life. There are so some important works and some responsible tasks we have to finish each and every day. Due to many reasons, we forget many tasks unfinished by the end of the day. Sometimes It hurts, sometimes this might create a huge loss. At this case, we need to list our To Do Activities in a day. Isn’t it? We Have To.

Earlier we used to note down what tasks we have to do in a day. Now days were changed, Technology improved in every aspect. Now, we need not to carry a book and pen to write To Do Activities list. Smartphones became part in everyone’s life. One can easily make a quick note of To Do List using below apps. Hope this 5 Best To Do List Apps for Android will make your daily life tasks easier.


  1. Any.do
  2. Microsoft To-Do
  3. To Do List
  4. Google Keep
  5. Evernote

5 Best To Do List Apps for Android

Here is a list 5 Best To-Do List Apps for Android Smartphones, which are personally tested by me and our team. Hope you like at least one from the below five apps.

1. Any.do:

Any.do is one of the best To-Do List apps I have ever used. This To Do list App lets you add your daily activities. you can create lists using categories as well. By default, you’ll get three categories. One is Personal, Second is Grocery List, and the other is Work. If you want to add more categories, you can add them as well. This is a very simple To Do app for Android to use.

Any.do To Do List App

Any.do To Do List App

Any.do available in both premium version and free version. Apparently, the free version of any.do works charmingly. Even if you want to use Any.do app for commercial purposes you can use the free version of this applications. There are two interesting features in Any.do To Do List App, which I love the most.

One is, you can Share your To Do list tasks with your friends, family members, and colleagues as well. For example, I want to assign some tasks to my team. What I do is, I simply add tasks in Work Category, and I share my To Do List with them. They’ll understand the what tasks to be done by today, and they’ll finish them off. It’s a good feature in this App. you can also some notes to the To Do Tasks. This makes this App stand out to be a best To Do list App in Android.

One more Interesting feature of this Application is, we can use this application even on Desktop by visiting https://web.any.do This will let us monitor our tasks even over desktop! Cool. Isn’t it?

You can Integrate Any.do App with Calendar, such that you will get reminders, notifications.

2. Microsoft To-Do:

Microsoft To-Do is one more interesting To Do list Apps in Android. This application is developed by Microsoft Corporation. I would say this App is the best alternative for Any.do To do list App. Since the features of these two apps appear to be similar. However, Microsoft has used its own style to develop this application.

Microsoft To Do - To Do List App

Microsoft To Do – To Do List App

Using Microsoft To Do list app, you can add your daily tasks. By default, you won’t get any list categories in this. However, this app lets you create categories for your To Do lists. This app also lets you add some important notes to the tasks. You can also set reminders to your To do tasks. This is a simple, clean To Do list app i have ever seen so far. you can use this To Do list app for better productivity in your daily life.

3. To Do List:

To Do list app by Splend Apps developers is a simple and classy smart To Do list app to make a note of our daily life tasks. There are many other decent To Do lsit apps than compared to this app, however, this app has some cool features. That’s what made this device to stand as one of the best To Do list app.

To Do List - To Do List App

To Do List – To Do List App

Honestly, there’s nothing much to discuss about this app. By observing the above screenshot, you will understand the features of this To Do List App. By default, To Do list app comes with several list categories, which you can use to add your daily tasks to avoid confusions. Sorting the daily tasks is the best thing to avoid conflicts. Like all other To Do List apps, you can add tasks, you can add notes, you can add tasks using voice commands.

4. Google Keep:

Google Keep is popular, well known and most used To Do list app and a similar kind of notepad application for Android. Google Keep has a wide range of features this might interest few people and might confuse few people. That is the reason why I have kept this App in 4th place. I guess you might be aware of Google Keep Features. If not, let’s have a look.

Google Keep To Do List App

Google Keep To Do List App

  • Google lets you create your daily life tasks and we can also use this app to store some important data for longer periods.
  • There will be no categories by default in Google Keep. However, you can add labels your to To Do list.
  • You can add different colors your to To Do lists. This will let you quickly identify what are the important tasks to finish immediately.
  • Adding tasks via voice commands, adding appropriate images to the To Do tasks is one more effective feature of this application.
  • You can use this To Do list app over desktop by visiting https://keep.google.com

5. Evernote:

Evernote one of the oldest and very popular To Do list App for Android. Evernote has interesting features and lets you add your daily To Do tasks in a productive way. However, this is a big app. This app occupies more size than other To Do list apps mentioned above. Even, this app has so many features which many of us doesn’t really require for our daily life tasks.

Evernote To Do List App

Evernote To Do List App

Evernote is free to use for two devices only. If you want to use Evernote on more than two devices you have to upgrade the plan. In spite of having interesting features, this app lags in few devices, and won’t let you add tasks quickly. However, this app has so many best features, this makes this app to stand out as one of the best in Top 5 To Do List Apps in Android.

Note: I personally use Any.do for my every day To-Do List. No lagging, Easy to share work-related tasks with my team.

Do you already use To Do List App on your Android Smartphone? If yes, let us know which Application you use.

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