10 Best Heart Rate Monitor Watches (HRM) Handpicked from Amazon.com

Best Heart Rate Monitor Watch: Monitoring heart rate is one of the essential factors these days, in order to keep our heart safe from cardiac arrests or any other heart-related issues. As the technology improved, we need not to go to a hospital to test heart rate. Using smartwatches, one can easily measure their heart rate accurately.

10 Best Heart Rate Monitor Watches

There are hundreds of Heart Rate Monitor Watches available in the market. Which one is best? Well, it’s quite difficult to know which one is best if you are buying for the first time. However, in order to help you to choose the best heart rate monitor watch, I have written this guide. Below you can find Heart Rate Monitor watch buying guide and 10 best heart rate monitor watches, you can buy them right away from amazon.com

Heart Rate Monitor Watch Buying Guide – How they Work

If you are planning to buy Heart Rate Monitoring Gadgets, I advise you to read this guide before you purchase. To purchase HRM’s, first of all, you need to understand their functionality. If you are aware of How they work, then you can easily choose the best from the following list.

According to tomsguide, Heart Rate Monitor Watches uses a sensor which sends an LED light through the skin and then measures the amount of light that bounces back. Blood has an ability to absorb light, hence the variations in light help to detect pulse rate. This is how Heart Rate Monitors watches work.

Note: Every smartwatch mentioned below uses the above technology

Below are the list of 10 best heart rate monitor watches, we have handpicked them from amazon.com

1. Polar M600


  • Polar M600 referred as one of the accurate heart rate monitor watches.
  • Inbuilt GPS
  • Waterproof fitness tracker
  • Interchangeable Wrist Bands

2. Fitbit Charge 2


  • Accurate Heart Rate Monitor watch
  • Inbuilt GPS
  • Track all-day activity like steps, distance, calories burned, floors climbed and active minutes
  • OLED Display

3. Garmin Fenix 5


  • Comes with Compass with gyroscope
  • Heart Rate Monitor, Activity tracker
  • Inbuilt GPS

4. TomTom Spark 3 Cardio + Music


  • Waterproof
  • Bluetooth Music Player and Wireless Headphones
  • Inbuilt GPS

5. Garmin Vivosport


  • Inbuilt GPS
  • Color Display
  • Monitors Sleep, heart rate and few other physical activities

6. Fitbit Alta HR


  • Comes with OLED display
  • Inbuilt GPS Tracker
  • Tracks all your activities such as walking, running, sleeping hours and also tracks heart beat

7. Polar FT7


8. Garmin Forerunner 235


9. Epson ProSense 57


  • Built-In GPS
  • Wrist Based heart rate monitor
  • 10hrs Standby even on GPS use
  • Also tracks foot steps, distance walked, calories burned, sleeping hours etc.

10. Epson ProSense 307


  • Built-In GPS
  • Using CardioSense HR Technology, this watch is capable of monitoring accurate heart rate
  • 20hrs standby with active GPS

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